Coby King

Co-Founder / Creative Director / Integrative Nutrition Health Coach / Head Juice

Beginning his wellness journey while training as an Olympic-level gymnast, Coby King realized at age 12 that what you put into your body directly affects what you get out of it.

Studying in the early ‘90s under Kevin Mazeika, the current Men’s US Olympic Coach, King honed his self-discipline, mental clarity and determination as he refined his athletic skills, allowing him to win and place in state, regional and national championships as he laid the foundation for a healthy life.

After retiring from competition, King spent a decade in advertising working for Fortune 500 companies as an art director. With backstage access to some of the largest names in the packaged foods industry, he was able to get an inside glimpse into how our food is really made: Scientists in state-of-the-art laboratories in lieu of chefs in kitchens, chemicals and beakers instead of natural, fresh ingredients. Horrified to think these mostly artificial products were now the staple of the modern diet, King began planning the next stage in his career—the creation of a delicious, nutritious range of 100% fresh, raw, organic non-GMO cold-pressed juices.

The Behance Wellness line was launched in 2017 after years of market research, focus groups and taste tests. Designed for the busy, health-conscious American who wants to put the best ingredients into their body but lacks the time to prepare fresh food, Behance Wellness is a nutritious and delicious solution that makes the world a healthier place—one juice at a time.


  At the age of 15, learning her grandmothers’ terminal diagnosis of cancer, Jana began her desire to help others and eventually work as a nurse in the health care system.  Starting out 18 years ago in the health care system, gaining knowledge of medicine in the hospital setting and private practice settings, she made the movement to focus on women’s health. Working in the hospital with post gynecology surgery women and breast feeding moms, beginning to see the impact on health, wellness, and need for collaboration across health care illnesses vs wellness. Jana could see the health care changes with new, innovative ideas in aesthetic medicine and how this could impact the lives of women. 

How the movement from hospital to aesthetics is good for mind/stress…


Jana King

Co-Founder / RN / BSN / Integrative Nutrition Health Coach / Main Squeeze